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Subaru Impreza V5 Wrx Sti Type R restoration

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(Posted with customer's permission)

This Type R was brought into us for a full restoration, full repaint as well as sorting out rust issues within the rear quarter caused by a previous repair in Japan, the client provided a donor car (half a UK P1). We removed the damaged panel and removed the rotten areas


We then refitted using the corresponding parts from the P1 Donor


As we speak the car is now ready for paint


Check back later for the completed car….


All completed


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Nissan Skyline R32GTR

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Our customers come to us to restore, repair and modify their pride and joy. The owner of this GTR wanted it to be 'mint' so we set about restoring the relevant areas. We painted the spilter, mirrors, bonnet, repaired both rear arches and painted the wheels.


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Congratulations to Logan Black for winning the 2013 MLR Sprint

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A big congratulations to Logan Black for winning the 2013 MLR sprint, we have had the pleasure of preparing and painting Logan’s championship winning Evo. We painted the interior and the exterior and repaired race damage!

Logan Evo

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